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Reflection to Prophet Mohammad SAW

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb

First of all, let’s say the praise and gratitude to Allah Swt by saying alhamdulillah hirabbil alamin, cause allah have given us much mercy,health and the best mercy is hidayah. Salawat and salam may always be upon our adoration and esteemed model, namely Prophet Muhammad Saw, all of his families, companions, and followers.they are a bringer of this guidance for us let’s we grattitude for their strugle by saying alhamdulillahhi jaza khumullahhu khoiro. To all the honorable teachers and all the priding generation of jamaah in east nusa tenggara,cause you have make spare time to come in this program i say alhamdulillahhi jazaa kumullahu khoiro

Being success or failed is a choice. It’s you the only one who can choose it. You can observe the choice from the tendency of your heart, the tendency of your mind, and the tendency of your behaviors. The more you dominate and take over the tendencies with positive things, the closer you will be to succeed. Otherwise, the more you dominate and take over the tendencies with negative things, the more far away you will be to success. All of you will be the proof of what I am saying today to you all.

For those reasons, I would like to request all of you to turn round immediately to do positive things for your own good. Look at our paragon, Rasulullah who had been an independent and success person since he was still very young. At age 0 – 4, he had become a fatherless child who lived in the dessert area with Bani Sa’ad (descendants of Sa’ad) and during that time he was breast-fed by Halimah As Sa’diyah. At age 6 – 8, he lived with his grandfather, Abdul Muthalib, who was an authoritative personage. At age 8, he began to herd the goats when living with his uncle, Abu Thalib. At age 12, he began an international business trip to Syria together with his uncle. At age 15, he obtained warfare experience through Fijar War event between Quraisy people and other people for 4 – 5 years long.

At age 20, he acquired his first diplomatic experience as a pacifying agent between Quraisy people and other kabilah (nomadic tribes) and strengthened his social credibility in society. After that, he worked to Siti Khadijah and got back to take a business trip of exporting and importing to Yamane and Syria.

At age 25, he married with Siti Khadijah and started out his experience as patriarch. At age 25 – 35, he had had the experiences of being a patriarch, trader, rich man, people’s leader, and in many social activities. Thus, what can we see from the young figure of Prophet Muhammad Saw?

Ladies and gentlemen!Many things could we look up from the Prophet., Such as leadership and personality. Anyone who believed either as leader or whoever is led, to imitate him.Prophet muhammad has many good manners we can see his succesful being a prophet,we can take a lesson from his characters are:
1. Siddiq What is it?
Siddiq is the correct words in accordance actual circumstances.
2. What’s Mandate?
Mandate means trustworthy actions. As believers we are commanded by God to carry out the the mandate well
3. What is the meaning Fathonah?
Fathonah means intelligent. Each person has been given by Allah SWT intelligence different from each other.
4. Tabligh What is it?
Tabligh is convey the revelation from Allah SWT.

Friends who blessed Allah SWT.
That’s four personality traits that the Messenger of Allah we have an example for us to be a good, reliable, intelligent and useful to society.
May Allah always pour out His mercy to us all.

I wish all of you could take the wisdom from what I have said. I remind and invite all of you once more, let’s develop the alterations then the success will come close to you.
That’s all I could convey. Please, forgive me for all the mistakes I made on my words.
Wassalamu’alaikum wr.wb

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